Labor Law - Portugal

In Portugal, Labor Law is one of the most requested issues by companies and individuals, which results, partly, due to the protection provided by labor legislation to the employee, as well as to the existing workplace safety policies in force.

For this reason, the lawyers of the Labor Law department of Belzuz Advogados provide the client with all types of advice, both in the consulting and in the litigation at labor courts, directing companies to find the best solutions in accordance with their needs.

This department complements its activity and experience with legal advice in the other areas of law, in particular tax law.

The quality of the service, the proximity to the customer, as well as the agility and speed in the response, are the basic principles that rule our services.

 The Labor Law Department provides legal advice in all areas of employment relations, as:

Work accidents and occupational diseases

Health, hygiene, and safety at work are values to be defended and promoted in the work context and which generate obligations for both employers and employees.

Considering the implications that an accident at work or an occupational disease can have on an employee’s life, it is essential that he knows his rights and knows under what terms he can claim compensation or a pension.

Belzuz Abogados' team of lawyers has the technical capacity and experience necessary to advise its clients in such a specific area as work accidents, recognition of occupational diseases and fixing disabilities.

In this context, we advise our clients both in the conciliation and in the litigation phase, namely:

- In the definition of situations considered as accidents at work and accidents in itinere;

- In the analysis of the employer's or worker's liability resulting from their culpable behaviour or violation of the rules of hygiene, safety, and health at work

- In the assessment of material damages and in the determination of:

• Compensation for temporary, absolute, or partial, incapacity for work;

• Compensation in money and pension for permanent incapacity for work;

• Provisional pension;

• Subsidy for high permanent incapacity;

• Death subsidy;

• Subsidy for funeral expenses;

• Death pension;

• Supplementary allowance for third-party assistance;

• Subsidy for the house adaptation;

• Subsidy for the professional requalification of the victim when the victim is unable to continue the previous activity.

- In the assessment of moral damages

• General permanent disability

• Quantum doloris;

• Aesthetic damages;

• Impairment of personal affirmation.

- In determining disability (a) temporary disability; b) permanent disability;

- In monitoring the attribution of the degree of incapacity and calculation of compensation for accidents at work;

- In supporting and accompanying family members in the event of mortal work accidents;

- In the definition of situations that should be qualify as occupational diseases and in obtaining a fair compensation;

- In management activities with the Work Accidents Fund to obtain payment of compensation due to replace the responsible entity following its insolvency, economic incapacity, or disappearance;

- In the processes of reviewing incapacities due to aggravation.


More information about the Labor Law department | Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal)

Labour Law

Belzuz Advogados has a team of lawyers with relevant and significant experience in a wide range of subjects that cover Labor Law, namely:

  • Hiring of Portuguese employees by companies without a permanent establishment in Portugal
  • Posting of employees from and to Portugal
  • Drafting of employment contracts, with advice on the most appropriate type, particularly in the case of managerial positions
  • Legal advice on issues regarding working conditions (among others, holidays, absences, licenses, parenting)
  • Assistance on disciplinary procedures
  • Assistance in procedures for the termination of employment contracts (in particular, collective redundancies, redundancies due to termination of employment)
  • Labor assistance in the transfer of undertakings / economic units or and sales of companies / mergers / divisions
  • Lay-Off procedures
  • Due diligences in labour issues
  • Analysis and implementation of fringe benefits policies
  • Assistance in labor audits promoted by the Portuguese Authority for Labour Conditions
  • Assistance in collective bargaining processes and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements


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Labor litigation

Our lawyers provide legal advice in relation to the various types of labor litigation, including those resulting from an accident at work, dismissal, existence of labor contracts and claims of labor credits, as well as disciplinary actions.

We also provide preventive advice, defining the most appropriate action strategy for the specific case, and anticipating eventual risks / consequences resulting from a possible judicial conflict.


More information about the Labor Law department | Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal)

Social Security

Belzuz Advogados have experience in the areas of social security and protection related to the employment relationship, namely in situations arising from the termination of the employment agreements, the posting of employees and the implementation of Lay-Off's.


More information about the Labor Law department | Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal)

Main business segments of the Department of Labor Law

  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Aviation
  • Travel agencies
  • Retail
  • Cleaning services
  • Pharmacy, biotechnology and cosmetics
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality sector
  • Catering and food industry
  • Chemical and automotive industry
  • Freight Transport



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