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Since its establishment in 1990, this department has been engaged in the entire field of labor relations, providing its clients a wide range of services in all areas of Labor and Social Security.

The dynamism that this branch of the law requires obliges us to act with speed and immediacy to the demands of our customers. What is not an obstacle for these professional activities are conducted with the highest quality legal foundation, and is therefore the speed and quality which are the two basic principles in our conduct.

The Labour Department offers a integral advice in company labour relationships, especially in company reorganizations and economic restructurings, disciplinary procedures, and substantial modifications of working conditions, for both national and multinational companies.

Our extensive experience also allows us to offer comprehensive employment advice to senior executives, expatriates and management personnel in general in any type of labour dispute.

We also offer assistance to companies in any type of implementation or modification of remuneration policies, policies related to new technologies in the workplace, Codes of Conduct, as well as the development and negotiation of Equality Plans.

Our wide experience allows us to offer assistance in all types of employment lawsuits to both companies and workers.

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 This area covers all the needs that may arise in the social and labor environment of business activity.

Labor relations

Legal advice on drafting and reviewing internal company`s policies, specially regarding to:

  • Policy of corporate cars.
  • Policies regarding use of corporate computer systems, e-mail and internet.
  • Remuneration schemes and stock option plans.
  • Policies against Discrimination and Harassment and Workplace.
  • Policies to harmonize working life and family life.

Legal advice on situations when the employment contract is suspended as a leave on personal grounds, reduction of working hours for legal guardianship, vacation, etc.

Legal advice on substantial modifications of working condition procedures, both collective and individual.

Legal advice and assistance in Collective bargaining procedures.

Attendance at Labour Inspections.

Legal advice throughout all disciplinary procedure specially on dismissal procedures.


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Senior Executives

We give advice on the negotiation and drafting of senior executive contracts, for both companies and executives.

We also give advice on possible contractual amendments and we supply different solutions regarding the termination of senior executive contracts.

Our services include assistance in employment lawsuits, specially in cases of termination of senior executive contracts.


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ICTs or information technologies in the workplace

• Adaptation of contractual clauses and annexes according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

• Policies and training of employees in the field of data protection.

• Review, adaptation, or creation of company policies related to new technologies:

- Use and control of computer tools in the workplace

- Electronic surveillance of the work place/ Video surveillance.

- Union use of electronic tools

- Work control by Geolocation

- Electronic control of personal presence by computer and biometrics

- Transfer of image rights for social networks, blogs, newsletters, websites, events and commercial activities.


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Compensation and Benefits

Advice on remuneration schemes and assistance on substantial modification of retribution scheme procedures.

Flexible Benefits Package

Variable remuneration schemes

Benefits schemes

Employment pension plan.


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Employment contracts

Advice on Labour contract based on clients requirements and needs

Drafting special clauses concerning work conditions, particularly confidentiality, non-competition and exclusivity clauses

Identification of the most appropriate employment contracts for the company business requirements , special advice on temporary contacts

Advice on Temporary Employment Agencies

Advice on Temporary Employment Agencies.


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Labour procedure Law

Our Department offers extensive experience in handling all types of employment litigation, including preliminary proceedings conciliation (SMAC).

In particular, we offer assistance in dismissal litigation, both redundancies and disciplinary dismissal litigation.

We also have special expertise in protection of fundamental rights litigation.


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Due Diligence

Employment Due Diligence, both complete and partial areas of interest according to customer needs.


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Redundancy procedures

Our experience has led us to manage important redundancy procedures and temporary suspension of contracts for both multinational and national companies

Our advice includes the development of the redundancy procedure, starting from the previous advice over the real necessity of the possibility to apply other employment measures

Documentation required and our assistance to the legal consultancy period

We assist our clients in litigation arising from redundancy procedures

In the event of redundancy procedures were not legally necessary, we offer significant experience in individual redundancies including litigation procedures for both companies and employees


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Social security and prevention of occupational hazards

Legal advice regarding:

  • Business registration, affiliation to Social Security, modification in general data
  • Different Social Security contributions
  • Social Security issues applicable to members of the Company Board of Directors
  • Accidents at work, Temporary Invalidity , Permanent Disability.
  • Unemployment and Retirement.
  • Prevention of Labour Risks


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